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Initially design to ride while filming. We wanted a smooth, stable and predictable board so the cameraman can concentrate on filming not skating. But the 'Midsurf' turned out to be a lot of fun to ride, it handles well and is good for any-distance. Perfect for beginners or those wanting soft-wheel-easy-cruiser.


  • OAK deck
  • Oiled for natural grip and protection.
  • L 800 x W 200mm
  • Tail 150mm
  • Wheelbase 439mm
  • Tracker Dart 106mm or ACE 00 trucks.*
  • Seismic 3dm Cambria 62mm wheels.

* We use Tracker or ACE trucks depending on availability at the time of skateboard production. If you have a question regarding trucks availability, please send us an email.

Likewise, email us for international shipping enquiries.


Image of MIDSURF Image of MIDSURF Image of MIDSURF Image of MIDSURF